Former Goldeyes GM Shares Stories in New Book

October 23, 2006

“Baseball has been in my soul for as long as I can remember. My grandpa put a baseball in my crib when I was a baby and something must have rubbed off.”

John Hindle
Author: Jackrabbits in the Outfield

In the newest book that delves into Canadian baseball history, John Hindle, the original general manager of the high-flying Winnipeg Goldeyes and two-time Northern League General Manger of the year, tells the story of how a highly successful professional baseball team surprisingly sprouted from the farmlands of Manitoba.

After picking up his first call from a phone sitting on the floor of an empty room which was to become his club’s front office, Hindle helped the Goldeyes become a model organization in a time where minor league baseball teams were disappearing from the Canadian landscape.

After his departure from professional baseball in 2004, Hindle began typing into his computer stories about the people he met and events that shaped his decade-long journey as general manager in the Northern League of Professional Baseball – predominantly the years in which he helped the Goldeyes become one of most successful baseball teams in Canada.

“Eventually I looked at all of it and I thought I’d turn it into a book because there was so much of it,” said Hindle, whose position with the Goldeyes gave him a behind-the-scenes vantage point as the Winnipeg club become increasingly popular.

Hindle’s story of how he virtually instantly went from small business owner selling baseball equipment to top-dog in the Goldeyes’ organization makes Jackrabbits in the Outfield a tale that resonates far beyond the foul lines or the outfield fence.

“Not only does this book provide a glimpse of what it’s like to be on the inside of a phenomenally successful pro sports team, but also of what it’s like to live your dream,” said Hindle.

The author’s chronicles capture the mystique that lures in baseball fans like the sound of the crack of a bat or the smell of fresh cut grass. However, it is also a story about the pursuit of a dream as well as the magical and unforgettable journey one takes to make that dream come true.

“Readers are going to see the kind of passion that can arise from living out your dream job,” said Hindle. “It doesn’t matter if it’s in sports or baseball or any other avenue. Everybody can relate to the hope of working in something they have a tremendous amount of passion for. That’s what shines through in this book.”

Jackrabbits in the Outfield is available in stores throughout Manitoba including McNally Robinson Book Sellers, Chapters, Coles, and Homerun Sports. Readers outside of Manitoba can purchase the book at




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